Digitalization i.e. the use of technology to reach new customers and improve efficiency is changing all aspects of our work, life, and environment. Success in this new world requires adaptation of leadership approaches, roles, and skills. A recent Gallup poll showed that 92% of executives recognize that fully embracing ‘digitalization’ requires new organizational structures and approaches.

Based on Next Step’s work and the success of Adobe, GE, Daimler Benz, as well as ‘born digital’ Google, Facebook, Airbnb and others, leaders in digital-ready companies:

  • Recognize and respect the critical role of employees for customer experience, creativity, and innovation – while leveraging technology for repetitive tasks.
  • Build project teams instead of hierarchies to dynamically achieve results.
  • Recognize, reward and compensate people based on goal achievement and productivity versus activity and hours.
  • Seek and embrace the diversity of cultures and generations in the workforce.
  • Leverage video and collaboration tools to engage and manage global virtual teams.
  • Build trust and respect for employees by communicating a clear vision.
  • Focus on the people integrating fun and recognition for all, knowing profit will follow.

For more insights on how DnB, ViPPs, and other Nordic companies are achieving growth through digitalization, please join us at the Atelika Inspiration 26 April 17:00-20:00 in Bjorvika.

To learn more about how digitalization can benefit your organization, check out our recent publication in the Norwegian American or give me a call or send an email to plan a time a discussion.