While using augmented reality games or tools such as Alexia can be cool, robotics, AI and VR in the workplace are scary for many people. For business leaders chartered with digitalization, this creates a dilemma as successful technology adoption requires full engagement and support of staff members.

Faced with change, employees need to first understand this CAN be good news. Digital tools can make it easier to complete projects and provide opportunities to learn – leading to higher salary and greater career possibilities. See how one retail store achieved greater customer and employee satisfaction with technology.
Keys to success include:
  1. Engagement of middle managers in ‘digital task forces’ in preparation for technology implementation
  2. Customer input and feedback on needs and desired experience
  3. Employee training and development to learn new ways of working
  4. Pilot projects to gain employee and customer
  5. Feedback
The ultimate goal of digitalization is loyal customers, increased revenue and engaged, happy employees. See how one retail store, combined technology, employee development and customer feedback lead to successful growth.
If you are unsure how what direction to take as ‘the robots are coming’, let’s talk. Next Step’s proven process for digitalization has led to success for Adobe, Avinor, Precise, ShoreTel and more.