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Sales Improvements Can Come Easy by Next Step |   posted: 06/27/2015

Sales Improvements

Economic growth, as many regions are currently experiencing, brings increased revenue and sales productivity expectations. The good news is that sales improvements can be more easily achieved today through online customer education and digital / social selling.

Recent studies have shown that over 90% of business buyers are more likely to respond to online education than to a sales person. Through a sales process and team designed to leverage content marketing and social selling for awareness, qualification and development of the sale, Next Step’s clients have experienced up to 40% greater revenues per sales person.

Considerations for Sales Productivity Improvement

If your organization is not experiencing an increase in sales productivity, consider the following:

  • Close rates – by leveraging marketing and digital selling for the initial stages of the sales process, the number of meetings and calls required for successful closure can be reduced by 50% with average time to close of 3 months or less.
  • Sales process consistently utilized – by uniformly following a structured sales methodology, market leading companies have experienced 20-35% improvement in revenue per representative.
  • Sales time – Average sales reps can spend 50 – 65% of their time on non-sales activities. How can technology, compensation, management provide additional focus and productivity by your sales team?

With the right sales team, marketing tools and management process, you can achieve improvements in sales productivity and company value.

Since 1997, Next Step’s team has maximized revenue and sales productivity through implementation of effective digital marketing and sales campaigns, enhanced sales processes, compensation, enablement, management and skill development.

If your company is not achieving sales productivity increases of 10 – 40% today, let’s talk. I am happy to share more of our best practices and explore ways that some small adjustments to your sales process can pay off quickly.

Is your sales team provocative? by Next Step |   posted: 07/31/2013

Sales success, whether it is called “solution selling,” “challenger selling” or “provocative selling” is achieved through the sales

Selling to ITprofessional’s ability to understand and address customers’ most critical needs. In the article, The End of Solution Sales, published in the Harvard Business Review, the authors try to discredit the “solution selling” technique as outdated.

While many organizations profess to use “solution selling” when they are really pushing products disguised as solutions to their customers, true positioning of a genuine solution to customers business needs is an art that is still very successful today.

Irrespective of terminology, sales success is achieved through a clear understanding and discovery of customer needs, creation of a sense of urgency in addressing the needs and application of the right solution to the needs. Even greater success can be achieved through the sales person’s demonstration of a positive return on investment by the customer.

Next Step’s clients ranging from Adobe and Cisco to DeepRootGoodwill Industries and start-ups have experienced direct improvements in revenue through our customized, modular programs which blend concepts of customer-oriented, value, solution, insight and provocative selling.

Please call us at 650-361-1902 if you have any questions, need more information or would like to set up a training, workshop or book a speaking engagement with our CEO Jennifer Vessels.

Tips for Planning Sales Training by Next Step |   posted: 01/09/2013

Take Note of Changes that Occurred in 2012

Concern over the economy affected our daily business practices in 2012. When making your first quarter sales training plan you might want to take some time to review what we have heard from our clients as what has been effective in 2012.

Focusing on the Investment in Training
Some of the major trends in 2012 that were noticeable in the investment of sales training were:

  • Companies started to clearly define competencies within sales training.
  • Companies emphasized measurable results as a way to track sales training effectiveness.
  • A more hands-on approach occurred with management teams becoming more involved.

All three of these trends in sales training directly align with Next Step’s sales training methodology.

Contact Next Step at 650-361-1902 to learn how we can help your company achieve real and measurable results through your upcoming sales training.

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