The most impactful company mistake occurs when hiring a sales leader. While selecting the best talent for all roles is challenging; identifying and onboarding a sales leadership position is more fraught with error because:

  1. Most executives or entrepreneurs who are responsible for hiring a sales leader do not have a sales background. Without knowing the challenges, needs, skills needed for success in a role it is difficult to judge one candidate versus another.
  2. Different types of services, products and companies require specific sales approaches. Many times a salesperson or manager is good at one type of sales but his / her skills and style may not be a match for the type of sales required by another company.
  3. A hungry sales person seeking his / her next job may be good at selling themselves – but this does not mean they really the right salesperson or manager for your company.
  4. Specific expectations for the first months’ sales results are not agreed upon and/ or the sales compensation does not align with company goals.

These issues can have a significant impact on company executives and investors as illustrated by the real world case of Teckno.

Avoid the impact of these mistakes through:

  1. Deep knowledge of the sales process and the skills, experience and style required to successfully drive sales for your company.
  2. A multi-faceted candidate assessment process that leads to a joint understanding of requirements, expectations and fit of the selected candidate’s skills and style with the company.
  3. Compensation, onboarding and support aligned with company and candidate’s expectations.

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