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Top Unicorn Success Drivers by Next Step |   posted: 03/03/2016

All can learn from unicorn growth

By achieving $1 billion market valuation within 5 years of founding, unicorns such as Uber, SnapChat, DropBox and Zenifits have shaken up traditional markets and investor expectations.

What drives these companies’ success?

  1. The value is often in the business model of recurring revenue with high capital efficiency and assets.
  2. Strong customer engagement through easy adoption, positive customer experience, personalization and social value attraction.
  3. International growth leveraging diverse ideas, teams and alliance for global success.
  4. Experienced, educated team using a collaborative approach.
  5. Deliver value to enterprises or consumers by addressing customer problems.

While unicorn status may not be your goal, the following success drivers can improve your business:

  1. Business model with recurring revenue for services that can be easily scaled to address demand – without capital investments.
  2. Personalization and customer engagement through analysis of customer behavior and interests (ie leverage of ‘big data’).
  3. Market driven development through testing, prototyping and user behavior analysis.
  4. Alignment of fundraising, revenue model, product IP, team and global financial structure to maximize valuation.

Next Step maximizes global growth through commercialization and transformation of our clients’ revenue and profitability delivering up to 200% increase in market valuation.

Please plan to join us and White-Summers in San Francisco on 17 March at Founders Space for “How to Build a Global Unicorn” conference.


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