While the disruption of traditional businesses is often attributed to technology growth, the real driver of today’s transformation to a digital world is customers – with increased demands for convenience and choice.

Through innovations made possible by the power of technology, consumers have easy access to a broad range of choices. For example, via car sharing apps we can now easily choose between Uber, Lyft or taxi service – based on cost and convenience.

With increased ease of daily activities from Uber to shopping via a one-click experience with Amazon or other global applications at their fingertips, customers now expect easy access to choices and a “friction free” experience.

From young rising stars to veteran leaders, solution choice is often based on the ability to easily access “what I want when I want it”.

Sustainable business success can be achieved through meeting and exceeding customers’ expectations via:

  1. Segmentation of customers by demographics, requirements and, buying patterns to be able to anticipate needs of each specific segment.
  2. Understanding how each customer segment will access, approach and interact with the offering (the customer journey).
  3. Designing, analyzing and continually enhancing solution to ensure friction-free customer utilization.
  4. Personalization of interactions for each customer segment – based on customer utilization patterns – understood through data analysis.
  5. Customer loyalty appreciation, rewards, and recognition.
  6. Organizational agility and adaptability to address and anticipate changing customer needs.

By leveraging technology to deliver great customer experience via “friction free” utilization of services, organizations can achieve success today into the future.

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