Why Change? The New Reality of Work is Here

Imagine walking into the lobby of your local bank, saying hi to the teller you’ve become friendly with, and adjourning to a side room for a private one-on-one meeting with your personal financial advisor — all without leaving the comfort of your home, [...]

Next Step across the plateaus of Growth

“This is the next big thing.” To many passionate entrepreneurs with a great idea the sky is in reach. However, over 85% of new ventures fail within 10 years – even without a pandemic or economic crisis!  While many reasons are cited, the [...]

Digital Business: Imperative Not an Option for Customer Success

How to Get Started Now In 2015, IDC predicted that within three years the top30% of companies in all industries would be seriously challenged by an innovative competitor.Today, only two years later, this seems conservative as Tesla, Uber, and others overtake the automotive [...]

Leading Digitalization: Nordic Happiness Pays Off

Digitalization, the use of technology to streamline work processes, accessinformation and improve global productivity can be considered the ‘next big paradigm shift’, impacting the way we all work, live and relate to one another. As with all change, this brings both benefits and [...]

Digitalization – The Next Step to Success

“Those who don’t change will become extinct”. In 2015, IDC predicted that 30%of the top companies in any industry would be overtaken by a new competitor by 2017. Reality shows this was a conservative view. […]

2020 Vision – Digitalization for Successful Future

Welcome to the global economy, characterized by rapid, disruptive changeand accelerating adoption of new technologies. Are you and your organization positioned to remain competitive in the face of these fundamental transformations? And are you well-prepared with a strategy to proactively address tomorrow’s challenges? [...]

Digitalization: From Product Vendor to Service Provider

Successful Business Transformation to the Cloud Companies in virtually every industry can deliver unprecedented value to their customers through new technologies. By embracing the power and ubiquity of digitalization, organizations can transform from product vendors to service providers with strong customer loyalty, sustainable [...]

The Age of the New Worker Model

How to Safely Navigate Legal Obstacles and Reach Your Goal of Flexibility and Scalability Workers and businesses alike favour flexibility and independence. Work only when you want and how much you want; work hard and play hard. Businesses want to hire based on [...]