Avoiding the Greatest Mistakes in Hiring a Sales Leader


While there are many obstacles to growing a sustainable, successful company, the most impactful mistake often made by executives in organizations of all sizes, industries and locations, is in hiring the right sales leader. The following real-world case example (using a fictional name) illustrates the impact of many of the common [...]

Achieving Growth: Sales Channels and Partnerships


As many serial entrepreneurs know, revenue and customer attainment is the key to success for all companies. However, reaching and winning new customers is challenging – especially for young companies. Gaining awareness and developing trust with buyers can be costly and fraught with error. […]

Are You Struggling to Get Noticed?


In this day of constant information flowing through every conceivablecommunication channel, it’s more difficult than ever to stand out in a crowd and really get noticed. The five steps below will provide a good start to helping you get in front of your intended audience: […]

Value Sales: The Road to Better Sales


Sales success today is dependent upon the sales representative’s ability to align their message, approach and offering to the perceived value of the customer or prospect. Next Step’s “Value Sales” process proactively addresses the ‘so what’ or ‘why should I buy from you’ question in the prospect’s mind. “Value Sales” begins [...]

Becoming a Good Networker


Networkers have a plan and are aware Define specific goals for your networking activities – where are you going to your career and/or business and who do you want or need to build relationships with to achieve your goals? Then research and plan to participate actively in the groups, associations or [...]

Navigating Channel Partnerships


The race to the cloud is revolutionizing sales channels for product vendors, and now organizations and their channel partners must adapt to thrive in the changing marketplace. […]